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Past Events

14th Convocation

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Start Date
22/12/2020 10:00 AM
End Date
22/01/2021 02:00 PM
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The convocation is a lifetime, most memorable, very rare event for any graduating student. Covid Pandemic has created a panic across the world and hence all the Institutions are organizing virtual convocation only wherein students are unable to capture the last minute campus moments as the life time memories. 

Amidst the challenging and tough time of Corona Pandemic and strictly adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines of the government, a full day virtual 14th Convocation ceremony was held by Ganpat University, Gujarat on 22nd December, 2020. On this occasion the president of the Ganpat university Hon. Padmashree Ganpatbhai Patel, the Hon. Pro Chancellor and Director General of Ganpat University Dr. Mahendra Sharma, the Members of Board of Governors and Academic Council, the Trustees, the Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Registrar Dr. Amit Patel, the Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean Dr. Rakesh Patel, the Jt. Registrar Dr. Girishbhai Patel, the Executive Deans of various faculties and other dignitaries remained present virtually to motivate and bless the students on this occasion who also joined virtually from the USA. The event was telecast live on YouTube, Facebook and other social media and online platforms. More than 10,000 people from across the globe witnessed it live from their own places.

To offer the opportunity to celebrate the joy of success on the campus itself to the graduating students of Ganpat University, the University decided to celebrate the full week long faculty wise pre-convocation ceremony in small groups to ensure celebration with full safety and utmost care. In this special pre-convocation week the rank holders and gold medalists and other students of various faculties of Ganpat Universities were invited physically (under their parents consents) in small groups on the campus on different days and time and they were conferred the medals and degree certificates maintaining the norms of social distancing. Thus the students could capture their life time moments which they would cherish for the rest of their life. The students of the final year, who were eagerly waiting for this moment of their life, enjoyed the moments and they also captured the memories of their graduating day with their class in the experience zone which was specially designed keeping the safety norms of COVID-19 in mind. The students expressed their gratitude and their unspeakable joy as the university had endowed them with this wonderful opportunity which they could never have thought about in this difficult time of pandemic. The students who could not join physically, also enjoyed the entire ceremony live and got connected through various online platforms and social media platforms.

In this 14th Convocation total 2909 students were awarded degrees in various faculties. There were a total 75 students were conferred with Gold Medals for their scholastic performance in their respective field of study; among them 50% are FEMALES. A total of 108 students were awarded a Diploma,1830 students were awarded a Graduate Degree, 915 students were awarded Post Graduate Degrees and 35 students were awarded a Post Graduate Diploma on this auspicious day. There were 7 students who were conferred a doctorate degree for successfully completing their research in various fields.

A Convocation procession following the norms of social distancing was carried out consisting the imminent leaders of the university, deans of various faculties and a few gold medalist students and Research scholars who were priorly invited with consents.

On this occasion the Chief Guest, Dr Soraya M Coley, The President of California State Polytechnic Pomona, USA expressed her concern over the pandemic situation and congratulated the students for their great achievements in this tough time of pandemic. Addressing the graduating students, she said that it was a very special moment in their lives and a turning point. She also shared five main insights of life which she gained as an educator. She advised the students to have higher expectations in life and take necessary actions to achieve those expectations. She also insisted on cultivating the habit of learning from failures and maintaining options for creating a better future. Quoting the examples of the world's oldest university, University of Bologna and Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Soraya reiterated that the goal of education is not only developing intelligent human-being but  inculcating “intelligence plus character”. Appreciating the Ganpat University’s motto of “social upliftment through education”, she mentioned that each student of the Ganpat University has been nurtured with not only education and skill but “character” and “worthy objectives” in each one of them and thus they should find out those “worthy objectives” in them and use their limitless potentials which will allow them to leverage their education and knowledge to help others, to build communities, and to create positive change in the society.  

The Hon. President of the University, Padmashri Ganpatbhai Patel began his words of blessings by thanking the chief guest, Dr. Soraya for accepting the invitation. He also thanked the Hon.Pro chancellor, Pro vice chancellors, BoG members and other office bearers of the university for their dedication, loyalty and hard work. He congratulated the students and said that the values that they have inculcated in themselves, studying at Ganpat University, has made them “GUNI” in a real sense and if they pursue with their excellence, the success will have to follow. He said that “necessity is the mother of invention and thus this first ever virtual and physical convocation has been possible today in this unprecedented situation of pandemic”. Talking about his ‘mantra’ of success, Shri Ganpatbhai inspired the students to use their common sense in every walk of life and keep the circle of your life bigger and build good connections in life and also advised them to use their well earned knowledge by the virtue of disseminating it to others and thus enjoy “the joy of giving”. Padmashri Ganpatbhai also emphasized on the five main characteristics of life and emphasized to imbibe them in order to be successful, inspiring and living a worthy life. Summarizing the words of famous scientist and educationist Ron Kurtus, Shri Ganpatbhai gave out a message to be a good person and show a good character in life by being thankful to everyone and for everything that happens to us. He emphasized on having “good thoughts” as good thoughts mould good characters. He also said that “At every point of our life, we should keep the control in our hands only.” In this difficult times of COVID-19, when everything has come to stand still, only education can resume the whole world and with this valuable education, we can save the world and change it to a better place to live. Talking about his journey of success, Shri Ganpat Dada said that his first “success” was achieved in life when he became a businessman in USA and second “success” came when he started Ganpat University and this time the “success” came along with the “satisfaction of being” and thus he feels with living and blessed.

The honourable Pro chancellor and Director General of the University, Dr. Mahendra Sharma sir thanked the chief guest Dr. Soraya M Coley, The President of Cal Poly Pomona, USA for accepting the invitation to join the convocation ceremony. He also thanked the Patron-in-chief and the Hon. President Padma Shri Ganpatbhai Patel for providing constant support and motivation in making this ceremony a great success. He inspired the students with his motivational speech. He imparted 7 important tips to the students to be successful in life. He emphatically said the students to be hard working along with being a smart worker. Talking about the importance of action he said,”We can always inspire people with our actions and good work.” He also advised the students to avoid arguing and try to learn instead of trying to jump to the conclusion. Always learn to identify people’s good skills. And finally, only our values can make us successful so it is important to adhere to the good values that we have acquired through quality education. Dr Sharma has launched specially composed convocation songs dedicated to all the graduating students.

All the respective Deans of the various faculties one by one offered the Pro chancellor sir to award the degree to the stakeholders on behalf of the Honorable President sir, who was virtually present at the time of the conferring ceremony.

The Pro vice chancellor and Executive registrar Dr. Amit Patel, the Pro vice chancellor and Executive Dean Dr. Rakesh Patel, the joint registrar Dr. Girish Patel and all the committee co-ordinators and members took great pain in making the event smooth and successful.