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Rankings and Accreditations

The prestigious accreditations and rankings are considered as hallmark of higher education. Accreditations aim to objectively assess the quality of various programmes of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), validate Institution’s standard of quality and encourage institutional self-improvement. Accreditations pushes institutions to meet and maintain higher standards and in turn, increases public trust, confidence, and boost accountability. Rankings are an important source of comparative information for various stakeholders. They have an increasing impact on the HEIs and their environment in influencing the decisions of the government policy of financing and funding HEIs, influence the decisions of prospective students, parents, and employers in their choice of HEI and programme(s) with respect to admission into higher studies and placements.


With our mission to seek, search, and offer programmes that lead to symbiotic emergence of 'academic excellence' and 'industrial relevance' in education and research, Ganpat University participates in prestigious accreditations and rankings.