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University Supplementary Examinations in September - 2020

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the Ganpat University has conducted the University Examinations in the April - June 2020 cycle as per the provisions of the GUNI - Extraordinary Regulations for Examinations (Under Extraordinary circumstances because of wide spread of COVID-19).

In pursuance of the provision of the said regulations, there shall be Supplementary Examinations for the students who could not passed or appeared for whatsoever reason/s in the April – June 2020 Examinations cycle.

The University Supplementary Examinations will commence from 14.09.2020. The detail Schedule will be communicated later on.

The last date for the Application of Examinations along with prescribed fees as per Remedial Examinations is 31.08.2020.

Students have to perform the following steps for Registration of University Supplementary Examinations September-2020.

  1. For detailed information Contact your respective institute on below contact detail.
  2. Ask about how much fees you need to pay (Fees detail are given below).
  3. Pay Fees Online in your respective institute account (Account details are given below).
  4. Take a snapshot/screenshot of a successful payment transaction.
  5. Apply For Registration form the below link (Upload payment proof in the form).
  6. After successful registration, inform to your respective institute person via email or call.
  7. The Examinations Schedule will be declared letter on, will be displayed on


Supplementary Exam Ciruclar Click Here

Fee for Supplementary Examination

Sr. No Examination Examination Fees Applicable to
1 Diploma and UG Programs Rs. 300/- for One Subject Students admitted before Academic Year 2018-2019
Rs. 600/- for Two Subject
Rs. 900/- for Three Subject
Rs. 1000/- for Four & More Subjects
PG Programs Rs. 500/- for One Subject
Rs. 1000/- for Two Subject
Rs. 1500/- for Three & More Subject
2 Diploma and UG Programs Rs. 400/- for One Subject Students admitted in and After Academic Year 2018-2019
Rs. 800/- for Two Subject
Rs. 1200/- for Three Subject
Rs. 1500/- for Four & More Subjects
PG Programs Rs. 700/- for One Subject
Rs. 1400/- for Two Subject
Rs. 2000/- for Three & More Subject

Account Detail for Fees Payment

SrNo Institute Bank Name Account No IFSC Code
1 AMPICS MCA M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001000427 MSNU0000026
2 AMPICS BCA M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001000425 MSNU0000026
3 CMSR/NSECCM M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001004983 MSNU0000026
4 DCS M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001001855 MSNU0000026
5 ICT M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001004135 MSNU0000026
6 IOT M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001003858 MSNU0000026
7 BSPP M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001000023 MSNU0000026
8 MUIS M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001001271 MSNU0000026
9 SKPCPER M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001000125 MSNU0000026
10 UVPCE M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001000021 MSNU0000026
11 VMPCMS M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001000529 MSNU0000026
12 VMPIM M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001000306 MSNU0000026
13 IOA M.U.C.O.B.L. 00261001004075 MSNU0000026

M.U.C.O.B.L. = Mehsana Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd. Branch = Kherva

Contact Person Detail and Apply for Registration

For More information, you may contact your respective institute contact person from the below list.

Click on your respective institute link and apply your registration 

Sr.No Institute Contact Person Name Contact No Email ID Registration
1 AMPICS MCA Mr. Pankaj Patel 9428666068, 8490804303 Click Here
2 AMPICS BCA Saraswatiben Patel 9157285115, 9428400000 Click Here
3 CMSR/NSECCM Prof. Romy Sebastian 9898081375 Click Here
4 DCS Mr. Yogesh Prajapati 8155912189 Click Here
5 DCS GUNI Mr. Dhaval Prajapati 9979568608, 9909700000 Click Here
6 ICT Ms. Arpita Chauhan 9726710492 Click Here
7 IOT/BSPP Mr. Milan Patel 9714161771 Click Here
8 MUIS Mr.Kinjal Patel 8849474802, 8401684488 Click Here
9 SKPCPER Mr. Nrupesh Patel 9979319840 Click Here
10 UVPCE Prof. Priyanka Patel 9638974312 Click Here
11 VMPCMS Dr. Vipul B. Patel 9898363549 Click Here
12 VMPIM Bhailalbhai M Patel 9825455349 Click Here
13 IOA Mr. Nirmit Oza 8460652622 Click Here