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Faculty of Management Studies Guides

Ph.D. Program is offered both full time and part time in Faculty of Management Studies. For more information contact to: 

 1) Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi
Dean and Professor, Faculty of Management Studies, Ganpat University
Email :
Contact : 09826726091

 2) Dr. Dipesh D. Dasani
Ph.D. Co-ordinator, Faculty of Management Studies, Ganpat University
Email :
Contact : 07990536836

Recognised Ph.D.Guide List (Management Studies)
Sr.No. Guide Name Branch
1 Dr. Mahendra Sharma Management
2 Dr. Amitkumar Amrutlal Patel Management
3 Dr. Subrat Sahu Management
4 Dr. Hirenkumar Jayantkumar Patel Management
5 Dr. Sourbhi Amit Chaturvedi Management
6 Dr. Vipulkumar Vasudevbhai Patel Management
7 Dr. Abhishek Kiritkumar Parikh Management
8 Dr. Jayeshkumar Dineshbhai Patel Management
9 Dr. Rajeshkumar Dalpatram Kiri Management
10 Dr. Maurvi Nehit Vasavada Management
11 Dr. Kirankumar Jayantilal Patel Management
12 Dr. Dharmeshdan Dilipdan Gadhavi Management
13 Dr. Kundan Mahendrabhai Patel Management