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The Ganpat University, a ‘State Private University’ has been established on 12th April, 2005 by the State Legislature of Government of Gujarat through Act No. 19 of 2005 and notified vide Notification No. GH/SH/6/GUA/3005/1194/KH-1, dated 11th April, 2005. The Ganpat University is also recognized by UGC under section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956 and is a permanent member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

The Ganpat University is a permanent member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU) which assists universities in obtaining recognition for their degrees, diplomas and examinations from other universities, Indian as well as foreign, hence degree awarded by Ganpat University is valid in India & Abroad.

Section 2(f) of the UGC is applicable to the University established or incorporated by or under a Central Act, a Provincial Act or State Act, and includes any such institution as may, in consultation with the University concerned, be recognized by the Commission in accordance with the regulations made in this behalf under UGC Act, 1956.

A State Private University is a university established through a State/Central Act by a sponsoring body viz. A Society registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, or any other corresponding law for the time being in force in a State or a Public Trust or a Company registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, whereas Private University may not be established through a State/Central Act.

A State University shall receive the fund from respective Government while State Private University may not.

No, there is no such provision.
Yes, students become eligible for Research Degree Programme from any Foreign University as Ganpat University offers PG Degree as per Section 22 of UGC Act, 1956 for the specification of Degree as well as it is the member of AIU also.
Yes, Ganpat University support for Education Loan from any Nationalized as well as scheduled Bank following RBI Regulations.
Yes, Ganpat University offers various programs under Industry Interface Centre are valid.
Yes, Ganpat University provides the transport facility from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Mehsana and  major center of North Gujarat region by paying the applicable charges at respective institute. For more detail Click Here.

Yes, Ganpat University provides separate hostel facility for both Girls and Boys. After getting the admission at Ganpat University, the students have to contact the respective Hostel Superintendents. For more details please Click Here.

Yes, Ganpat University offers the Merit Scholarship to the Scholar students’ for all Undergraduates and Postgraduates programs. After declaration of respective semester results, the students qualify the first to third rank will get the scholarship.
The Ganpat University offers the admission under various quotas i.e. NRI, Management, Supernumerary Categories of Children of Indians Working in Gulf Countries and South East Asia (CIWGC) /Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) / Foreign Nationals (FN).
Association of Indian Universities is an inter-University Organization of India which assists universities in obtaining recognition for their degrees, diplomas and examinations from other universities, Indian as well as foreign.
Yes, Ganpat University is a permanent member of AIU.
Being a permanent member of AIU, The Ganpat University students can get the benefits such as facilitation for conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures and research in higher learning etc. Further students can participate in AIU sponsor sports tournaments, youth welfare, student services, cultural programmes, adult education and such other activities as are conducive to the betterment and welfare of students or teachers and others connected with universities.


1. Whom should I report/meet first when I report to the campus?

You are required to meet Mr. Pratik Patel (Department of International Admissions) for joining formalities at the University Office, Ground Floor on the campus & obtain your UID (University Identification Number).

2. Where can I buy an Indian Sim card for my mobile?

You can apply for buying an Indian Sim card using photocopies of either your passport or your University Identity Card along with your 2 passport size photographs at the various mobile shops everywhere. To avoid roaming charges, you are advised to purchase a sim card from Gujarat state. Sim cards are available on the University campus as well.

3. Can I use Wi-fi when I arrive at the campus?

You get Wi-fi login credentials from Mr. Pratik Patel (International Admissions Cell) once you confirm you’re reporting to the campus. You can access the free WIFI inside the campus using your Tabs, Smartphone, Laptop, Tab, Surface, etc. There are separate Computer labs as well inside the Campus where the students can do necessary internet surfing.

4. What are the facilities provided to the parents accompanying their children to the University?

There are separate rooms in girls' and boys' hostels for the stay of parents accompanying their children to the University.  However, prior information about the arrival of parents along with their ward should be made to the International Student Cell to Mr Priyank Kakani at – and/or

5. After completing all formalities related to Registration what should I do?

You will go to your college/institute for attending classes.

6. What if I have some documents pending that I cannot submit at the time of Admission?

If you couldn’t submit some of your Transcripts and Qualification Documents at the time of admission, you are required to submit them within a week of reporting at the University. The students whose result has been declared have to submit their Transcripts and Qualification Documents at the time of reporting & registration. For the students whose result is awaited and not yet declared, they must submit an undertaking that their Transcripts and Qualification Documents will be submitted for verification immediately (within one week) after their results get published.

7. Can I pay the hostel Accommodation fee semester-wise?

Hostel Accommodation fee is supposed to be paid on yearly basis in advance as there is only one academic intake.

8. In addition to Admission Letter and Testimonials, is there any other formality I have to complete at the time of Registration?

On arrival and completion of the registration process, all International students have to get themselves medically examined in Civil Hospital.

9. To Whom do I have to report regarding problems in Hostel?

You can inform the Hostel Warden/Asst. Hostel Warden of the problems you are facing in the hostel, and at the same time inform the International Student Cell (ISC) of the problem faced by you for follow up.

10. How hostel rooms are allotted?

Hostel rooms are allotted on first-cum-first basis and the availability of the room, subject to the hostel fee has been paid.

11. Do I have to pay any fees at the time of Registration?

Yes, if you have not paid your Application Fee, Tuition Fee and Hostel/Mess Fee (if hostel accommodation has opted). You have to deposit all the unpaid fees at the time of Registration. Please carry your original receipts of payment of fees if already paid.

12. Where can I deposit the fee after coming to University?

Fee can be deposited in the accounts/admin department. You can also pay online through International Debit/credit card, or Net banking using the PayTm money option by logging in to your Student Login.

13. How do I open a bank account in Indian Bank?

International Student Cell/Admin Division will help and assist you in opening your bank account. You need to bring the following documents:
    •    Passport and Visa
    •    Copy for your Id Proof
    •    Rent Agreement/Hostel ID Card
    •    2 Passport size photographs
    •    Bonafide Letter from your School
    •    University Identity Card (ID)

14. How do I get a refund of my fee if I want to leave the University?

You can get a refund of your fee according to the Refund Policy of the University. For more details, please visit to Admin Division.

15. How does Ganpat University cater to the security of the students?

The entire campus including hostels, residential areas, parking and academic areas are very well secured through 24×7 hours outsourced security agencies with armed guards. C.C.T.V. cameras have been installed at strategic places to keep a close vigil on the campus.

16. Will there be any additional charges apart from Hostel Fees?

Our accommodation fees are inclusive of basic guidelines defined by the University's general rules and regulations however, additional charges and/or deposits  will be paid and/or incurred by the international student in the case, international student(s) demands additional transportation services or have purchased any Electronics Appliances to their room as per their own convenience (e.g., Refrigerator, Induction cooktop, washing machine)

17. Is there any restriction during my stay on campus?

For all international students, their safety remains our prime concern. We encourage international student(s) to experience the local culture, customs, and lifestyle during their stay in India. All International students are strictly informed that visiting outside campus is allowed only during the daytime 07.00 AM till 09.30 PM with a valid Gate Pass. For a long stay or vacation to their own country or any other country, they are required to take the prior permission from an assigned department faculty member and respective hostel superintendent after they show consent letter/e-mail from their parents to the university officials.

18. What is the medium of instruction in the classes?

The mode of instruction in the classes is in English.

19. What If I am reporting late to the University?

If in any case you are reporting late to the University after your admission, your lecture attendance might run short for each day you come late after the session has begun. In case of such an event, you are advised to seek prior permission in writing with a valid reason for reporting late to the University. You may send your application to

20. When do I have to pay for my balance Tuition and Hostel Accommodation fee?

You are strongly advised to pay any remaining balance Tuition fee for your semester before joining your classes and pay your remaining Hostel accommodation fee before you check in to the University Hostel facility. The delay in any or both of the above may result in blocking of your academic attendance and/or cancellation of your Hostel and food facility with immediate effect.

21. Can I stay in Campus Hostel Room even after the end term examination?

After your final term examination and before the beginning of the next session you can continue to stay in your same Hostel Room for a maximum of one month inside the hostel without paying any extra Hostel fee.

22. Can I cook my own food inside my hostel room?

You can use Induction Heaters inside your hostel room for cooking. But you will have to pay the extra electricity consumption bill after the standard consumption is used.

23. What will be provided in my hostel room?

Bed, mattress, cupboards and a set of initial toiletries will be provided to the students free of cost. All other necessary stuff like Bed covers and other Toiletries can be purchased from the Tuck Shop available inside the University hostel.

24. Can I open a bank account inside the campus being an International Student?

Yes, we have a banking facility inside the campus. You can open your bank account in the State Bank of India (SBI) and Mehsana Urban Co. Op. Bank branch within the University premises and use the ATM facility at various points within the Campus.

25. What kind of food is served in the Campus hostel?

Both Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian food is served in all Hostels. The Food facility fee is included in your Hostel Accommodation fee (if applied for) thus there is no need of paying for the food facility separately.

26. Can I wear my national dress on the Campus?

Yes, you can carry your National dress or other cultural material like a musical instrument, etc. on campus. You can wear the same during specific cultural events, International festivals, stage performances etc. to exhibit your culture and traditions.

27. Can I bring my Laptop to the campus?

We advise you to carry your own laptop while reporting to the campus else the same can purchase it from the local market in Gujarat.

28. Will I get help for my FRO/Police registration from the University (not applicable for Nepalese/Bhutanese Students)?

Mr. Pratik Patel / Mr.Umesh Pithadia (International Admission Cell) will be in charge of the FRO help desk & will guide you through the entire FRO registration process.

29. Can I Change the Program once I Get there?

Yes, you can change the Program once you reach campus before a specific deadline (to be announced by the University) subject to the availability of Seats in that respective Program.

30. How about my safety on campus?

The campus is guarded 24×7 by security guards & CCTV monitoring. Ganpat University is a complete ragging free zone.

31. Can I pay my fee in cash?

International Students are advised to strictly pay their fee using online mode i.e. Swift Transfer using Bank fee Due Invoice + Acceptance Letter sent at the time of admission. Cash Handling Charges are applicable 
in case of a cash payment of a fee.

32. Can I pay my tuition fee/ Hostel fee to the Education Consultant/Admission office in my country?

Tuition fee/hostel fee should be paid directly to the University using the bank fee due invoice. The student will be personally responsible if they deposit their Tuition/Hostel fee to the Education Consultant/Admission Office in their country.

33. What is the payment schedule for Semester Fee & Hostel Fee?

Both semester fee & Hostel fee shall be payable in advance, Student needs to pay the first Semester Fee on or before arriving at the Campus. Subsequently, you are required to pay the Even semester fee in November (tentatively) and for the Odd semester in April (tentatively). Also, note that Annual Hostel Fee shall be paid in advance along with the payment of the Odd semester fee. This payment cycle shall be maintained throughout the program for every student.

34. Is there any other fee apart from the Tuition fee or Hostel Fee payable by me?

yes, students will have to pay the Examination fee (Only for SAARC country students), Fee for Chandigarh University Annual Fest, Fresher’s Party, Purchase of Uniform, etc. The examination fee is exempted for Non-SAARC country students

35. I do not have the Passport, how do I apply for a Passport?

You have to apply for the passport at the regional passport office on your own. However, if you have made an application with Ganpat University and have received the offer letter then such an offer letter can be attached to your passport application to expedite the process.

36. When does the class commences & How many intakes do you have?

Ganpat University offers two intakes, a Major intake in the month of August and a minor intake in the month of January. Currently, admissions are open only for Major intake.

37. What is the Medium of Instruction in the classroom?

All the classes, lectures and practicals will be conducted in English as a medium of instruction.

38. Is my class going to be online or do I attend the regular classes in India?

Ganpat University offers full-time Educational only, Hence student has to travel to India to attend the class. However, during this pandemic situation, you will be facilitated with online education till the Global pandemic situation is not subdued.

39. What are the arrangements available for Accommodation and how do I prepare my Food?

Ganpat University offers a package of accommodation and food fees of USD 1250 for Boys and USD 1500 for Girls candidates with triple sharing occupancy.

40. How many days of Vacation will I get during the year?

Indian education system observes two main vacations. Summer vacation is usually 30 days at the end of Even Semesters in the month of May and June. New year vacation of 15 days during the month of October or November. However, Accommodation and food will be served to international students as per the package discussed before without any extra cost.

41. Is a degree awarded from Ganpat University recognized in my Country?

A degree awarded from Ganpat University is globally recognized. All our reconditions are mentioned on our website and also to name a few, we are the permanent members of “ The Association of Commonwealth University” and “International Association of Universities”.

42. How do I Transfer Fees to Ganpat University?

All the necessary fee details will be well mentioned in your offer letter along with the Bank details of Ganpat University. You will also get the details of an online fund transfer view credit or debit card on our website.

43. How to make an online/offline Application for Ganpat University?

Currently, we have both modes of application online and offline. The best is to get in touch with our university official or channel partner in your country who can assist you further.

44. Which program am I eligible for at Ganpat University?

  • Eligibility is based on the subjects you have appeared in during the last examination and your performance in such examinations. You may forward your educational documents like Ordinary level, Advance level certificate and result-copy if you are applying for Undergraduate Program.
  • Advance level certificate, Bachelor’s degree certificate and statement of marks if you are applying for Post Graduate Program.
  • And if you are applying for PhD program then we would require, a master’s degree & Bachelor’s degree certificate and Transcript along with an Advanced level certificate and recommendation letter from your last education or workplace.

45. I want to study Medicine Program in India?

The medicine program in India requires a common entrance examination which is to be passed by any student enrolling on a Medical program. Unfortunately, international students are not allowed to appear for the entrance examination hence such admission is ineligible for any international students.

46. What if the Program of my preference is not offered at Ganpat University?

You may still apply with the mentioned educational documents, Ganpat University admission team will assist you on which other programs can be opted based on the recommendation of industry experts which are high in demand.

47. What is the Admission Process or steps?

Our Admission team will assist you with first checking the eligibility for the program you wish to apply to at Ganpat University, India. 
Steps are followed: The first issuance of the Offer letter >> payment of One Time confirmation fees >> Payment of Tuition fees >> Issuance of Provisional/Final Admission letter >> Issuance of Admission/VISA letter >> Application for VISA >> travelling to India >> Final Enrollment at Ganpat university office of Registrar & Hostel Accommodation >> Attending the regular classes to your respective Department.

48. Is my class going to be online or do I attend the regular classes in India?

Ganpat University offers full-time Educational only, Hence student has to travel to India to attend the class. However, during this pandemic situation, you will be facilitated with online education till the Global pandemic situation is not subdued.

49. How many international students do you have at Ganpat University?

Ganpat University started accepting applications across the globe last year only. However, we still have more than 40 students on campus from various nations like Zimbabwe, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Turkey and so on.

50. Do you offer education on Online Mode?

We only offer Full time & On-Campus education, only during this COVID-19 pandemic situation classes will be conducted online for the time being.

51. What are the types of Fees I shall be paying?

There are usually three main components of your fees. One is tuition fees, the second is accommodation and food fees and the third is Travelling and VISA fees 

52. What are the arrangements available for Accommodation and how do I prepare my Food?

Ganpat University offers a package of accommodation and food fees of USD 1250 for Boys and USD 1500 for Girls candidates with triple sharing occupancy.
4 Meals are included in both categories.

53. How do I Get the VISA to travel to India?

Our admission team along with a channel partner in your local region will help you to process the documents for getting the Study VISA for India. Which usually takes only 2 days to process.

54. How do I book the Air-Ticket to India?

Again, our admission team along with our channel partner will help to suggest some of the travel agents in your country with whom you can book the ticket from your home to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad.

55. How will I manage to reach to Ganpat University from the Airport?

Kindly coordinate with our admission team while booking your air ticket, they will arrange your pick up from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport Ahmedabad to the Ganpat University campus.

56. Who will assist me in the entire process of Admission?

The admission team and Channel partner will assist you during the entire process of admission.

57. What if I am not able to travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

As mentioned we also respect the #StayAtHome. Hence all the classes will be conducted online till the pandemic situation is not subdued.

58. How do I Transfer my Fees to Ganpat University?

All the necessary fee details will be well mentioned in your offer letter along with the Bank details of Ganpat University.

59. Which are the other expenses borne by me apart from the Fees mentioned in my offer letter?

Some of the petty expense has to be borne by students, for example,  laboratory equipment, books, electricity charges for room, and access to VNSA. However such charges are nominal ranging from USD 2 to USD 20 as on actuals.

60. How safe is Ganpat University, India?

Ganpat University has a 24*7 Security staff of 35 personnel to maintain the highest level of security for international and national students. Fortunately, there have been no such cases of racism or mob fighting till now since its inception.

61. Do you provide a Job while studying in India?

Working while studying concepts in some countries does attract a lot of international students, however, it usually covers only your living expenses. However, the Indian education system believes more in keeping the tuition fees and other fees at such an affordable level so that students can focus more on education while studying and we are confident that because of our industry interfaced program, you will be placed in the highest paying job after your education to cover such

62. What are the chances of getting a job in India after completion of my education or what are the opportunities available for me in my country?

Due to the high population in India usually getting a job is difficult for any international students however, many organisations have their operations in your own country which are Indian origin based and our placement team can assist you in getting the jobs in such companies.