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MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PHYSICS(Condensed Matter Physics & Electronics)

Programme Outcome

Name of PO Description
PO-1 Recalling basic knowledge of Physics.
PO-2 Understanding of various physical concepts, its theories and its applications related to technology to ease the problems related to society at advanced level.
PO-3 Motivate the students to do a research-level project which can be used to join in a doctoral program.
PO-4 Designing and developing a physical model/circuit and how it can be applied in real-life cases.
PO-5 Apply the theoretical knowledge to verify the rules, concepts, and circuits by performing various practical, in laboratories, industries, or daily routine.
PO-6 Understand the programming skill. Design and develop algorithms and programs using C language.
PO-7 Classification of various materials and determination of materials' properties.
PO-8 Motivate the students for drafting and presenting articles/ research papers/ scientific drafting.
PO-9 Apply laws, theories, concepts of  Physics in routine life.
PO-10 Development of relevant skills related to communication of technical ideas of physics as well as general issues.
PO-11 Understand the function of different scientific instruments and analysis of data and its interpretation.
PO-12 Development of students ability to appear and crack the different competitive examinations and personal interviews.