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Programme Outcome

Name of PO Description
PO-1 Understanding facts of microbiological science and the ability to acquire, manage and use current information for problem solving.
PO-2 Applying knowledge of cellular life and fundamentals of techniques used for gaining that expertize
PO-3 Analyzing major issues at the forefront of the science discipline.
PO-4 Evaluating qantitative, qualitative analysis and interpretation of biological data.
PO-5 Creating an awareness about the biological tools and technologies that proves benefical to trigger the research in biological sciences.
PO-6 Understanding  the concepts of fermentation process at industrial level for manufacturing valuable products.
PO-7 Applying knowledge of utilization of microorganisms for human welfare as well as improvement, maintenance and remediation of environment.
PO-8 Applying skills in designing and carrying out an advanced research project using appropriate methods and approaches.
PO-9 Creating primary literature, identifying relevant works for a particular topic, and evaluate the scientific content of these works.
PO-10 Acquiring practical skills and aiming to achieve perfection in the application of microbiology in different aspects of professional career.
PO-11 Analyzing efficiently as a leader as well as follower in diverse areas of the profession competently.
PO-12 Evaluating the ability to engage in lifelong learning and continuing professional development.