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Programme Outcome

MBA PO -1 : Able to acquire analytical decision making through case study, business simulation, summer internship programmes (effective decision making)

MBA PO -2 : Diagnose and apply their business management knoweldge acquired in functional specilaization (Domain knowledge)

MBA PO -3 : Able to establish themselves in leadership roles in current fast-paced business enviornment (Leadership skills)

MBA PO -4 : Effecitively learn the inter-personal skills to work in cross-discplinary teams (Team work)

MBA PO -5 : Able to communicate professionally, both in written and in oral (Communication skills)

MBA PO -6 : Able to display right integrity, morale amd commit professional ethics in organizational settings (Professional Integraity and ethics)

MBA PO -7 : Able to inculcate entrpreneurial attitude to assess market opportunities (Entrepreneurial spirit)