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Programme Outcome

PO-1        Apply knowledge Software development to implements real time applications
PO-2Utilize understanding of the theory and concepts underlying computer Applications
PO-3Identify, formulate, and solve Software & hardware Problems
PO-4Utilize the techniques, skills and modern computer tools, Software and techniques necessary for application development practice
PO-5Configuring Enterprise server administration and policy setting
PO-6Generate solutions by experiments and applying routing techniques to analyze network data
PO-7Evaluate, verify, trouble-shoot, test and analyze an existing computer-based system, process, component or program.
PO-8Configuring enterprise mail server for organizational mail delivery of recipients.
PO-9Identify different storage techniques and strategies on legacy data for legitimate users for future use
PO-10Develop software (application),evaluate user requirements for software functionality required to decide whether the programming language can meet user requirements (analysis), propose the use of certain technologies by implementing them in the programming language to solve the given problem (synthesis) Management
PO-11Choose an engineering approach to solving problems, starting from the acquired knowledge of programming and knowledge of operating systems. (evaluation)
PO-12                    Express effective team work by project development