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Programme Outcome

PO -1  Ability to understand the various security aspects  of operating system, network and data,web applications
and mobile apps.  
PO -2 To analyze the application threat detection, network forensics, digital forensics and analytics, malware analysis
and its terminlogy.
PO -3 Develop basic understanding of information and cyber security, cryptography, attacks and threats, identify and
classify cyber crime, cyber attacks and its methods, static and dynamic malware analysis.
PO -4 Implement secuirty tools and technologies to protect systems and information.
PO -5 Ability to develope various vulnerabilities report as per industry requirement for security updates.
PO -6 Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, algorithms, logical reasoning to solve real time problems.
PO -7 To understand the information security management system and information security standards.
PO -8 Ability to understand basic web designing concepts and develop web pages and prepare well formatted
 project documents.
PO -9 Able to understand the legal procedure against the cyber offence and ethics in cyber security.
PO -10 To learn logic building and  programming languages.
PO-11 Able to develop knowlwdge, interpersonal skills, judgement around the human communication that
facilitate their ability to work collaboratively.