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Programme Outcome

Name of PO Description
PO-1 Demonstrate the conversance with many topics like mathematical physics, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, solid-state physics, elctrodynamics, optics, electronics, spectroscopy, statistical mechanics, plasma physics, etc.
PO-2 Learn fundamental laws and thumb rules to understand Physics thoroughly.
PO-3 Understand various physical concepts and theories.
PO-4 Analyze various electronics' circuits and how it is useful in industry and daily life.
PO-5 Be able to design and develop physical models/circuits and know how they can be used to solve real-life demands.
PO-6 Understand the programming skill. Design and develop algorithms and programs using C language.
PO-7 Apply laws, theories, concepts of  Physics in routine life.
PO-8 Apply the theoretical knowledge to verify the rules, concepts, and circuits by performing various practicals.
PO-9 Apply the knowledge and skills gained through education to gain recognition in the professional circle and society.
PO-10 Learn modern library usage for searching and retrieval methods to obtain information about various topics, techniques, and issues relating to Physics.
PO-11 Development of relevant skills related to communication of technical ideas of physics as well as general issues.
PO-12 Understand and apply the concepts of allied subjects of Mathematical and Chemical Science to solve the problems of Physics.