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Programme Outcome

Name of PO Description
PO-1 Acquiring fundamental knowledge and understanding of microbes.
PO-2 Provide understanding of core concepts about physiological aspects of microorganisms and techniques for growing as well as controlling the growth of microorganisms.
PO-3 Understanding importance of microorganisms in routine human life e.g. in food (conventional foods, fermented foods, dairy products etc.) and surrounding environment (soil, water etc.)
PO-4 Defining core concepts, principles, themes, terminology, and classification systems designed for microorganisms.
PO-5 Gaining a detailed understanding of genetic materials present in cells and the process involving it e.g. replication, transcription, translation, transposition, mutation and repair etc.
PO-6 Analysing the concept of fermentation process and utilization of microorganisms for human welfare.
PO-7 Applying the knowledge of biological databases to speed up the research in biological sciences.
PO-8 Illustrating multidisciplinary fundamentals of mathematical tools (statistics) and physical principles (Physics and Chemistry) to the analysis of relevant biological situations.
PO-9 Creating awareness in society about the beneficial utilization of microorganisms and precautions in case of harmful microorganisms.
PO-10 Understanding of basic principles, mechanisms and applications of different analytical techniques used in biological sciences
PO-11 Writing, interpreting and communicating effectively and scientifically.
PO-12 Tackle future challenges through lifelong learning.