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Programme Outcome

Name of PO Description
After completion of B.Sc. in Mathematics, students will  be able to 
 PO-1 acquire knowledge, abilities and insight in Mathematics and related fields.
 PO-2 innovate, invent and solve mathematical problems using the knowledge of pure and applied mathematics
 PO-3 develop problem – solving skills and apply them independently to problems in pure and applied mathematics.
 PO-4 assimilate complex mathematical ideas and arguments.
 PO-5 develop the skill to think critically on abstract concepts of Mathematics.
 PO-6 enhances Logical reasoning skills, arithmetic skills, aptitude skills communication skills, self confidence for better employability
 PO-7 identify clearly their line of interest in Mathematics and pursue higher studies with greater confidence.
 PO-8 explain the knowledge of contemporary issues in the field of Mathematics and applied sciences.
 PO-9 communicate effectively by oral, written, computing and graphical means.
 PO-10 prepare themselves completely to the demands of the growing field of Mathematics by life – long learning.
 PO-11 apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics, responsibilities and norms in the society.
 PO-12 understand the concepts and theories of mathematical and computing their application in the real world