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Programme Outcome

PO-1          To produce skilled workforce for IT industries and IT enabled services
PO-2 Able to apply theoretical and conceptual understanding of data structures and database management systems concepts for real life application development
PO-3 To develop basic skill sets and necessary knowledge to solve basic hardware and software problems
PO-4 Able to utilize the modern software development tools and techniques for application development practice.
PO-5 Creating strength and entrepreneurship among students who can develop customized solutions for small to large businesses.
PO-6 Generate solutions by experiments and applying techniques to analyze and interpret data
PO-7 Evaluate, verify, trouble-shoot, test and analyze an existing computer-based system, process, component or program.
PO-8 Develop leadership skills, teamwork and entrepreneurial power among students who can develop customized software solutions for small to large businesses.
PO-9 Empowering the application of communication theories and incorporating best verbal and written practice into real life communication.
PO-10 Able to identify the needs of different businesses and utilize management information systems, reporting tools and content management systems
PO-11 To develop students to become globally recognize and competent.
PO-12 Develop the ability to understand the basic concepts of machine learning techniques, mobile application development and software testing.