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Programme Outcome

PO -1  Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, algorithms, logical, reasoning and programming languages
to solve real time problems.
PO -2 Ability to develop software, tools, packages, window applications, web applications and mobile applications. 
PO -3 Ability to apply knowledge of computer hardware, operating systems, communications and networking in
real life problems and IT industries.
PO -4 Ability to understand, cyber framework, cyber laws and ethics, E security and protection against online illegal activities. 
PO -5 Ability to communicate with vendors, customers and other organization effectively about software development,
software problems through online communication channels , reports, documentation and presentations.
PO -6 Aware software life cycle phases, ability to analyze  business problems and research issues to find out optimized
solutions for computing system problems.
PO -7 Ability to apply data mining, data analytics, data interpretation and its various techniques to find out the business patterns.
PO -8 Ability to test and validate the software, web application and mobile application with tools and methods in effective
way to find out bugs, errors,issues and vulnerabilities.
PO -9 Ability to understand digital marketing and digital campaign for business development.
PO -10 Ability to apply SEO techniques to develop SEO friendly applications.
PO-11 Ability to process the data  using various databases, to create well formated document files & presentations
and to collate data together in desired format.  
PO-12 To aware about the Environmental issues, Disaster management and its solutions.