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It gives me immense pleasure to address all the visitors on Ganpat University website because the visitors are surely the persons who are in the quest for learning which may be either for themselves or for their kinspersons aspiring to achieve higher education and to prosper that way in the competitive world.

Learning is continuous process, as we march towards becoming a ‘Center of Excellence’ the role of each of the stakeholder’s viz., Trustees, Board Members, Officers, Staff, Students and wider community becomes increasingly important. We aspire to be a cutting-edge university, to anticipate the needs of the future and meet them here and to create an environment that supports teaching, learning, and research.

Our university has taken firm steps in the direction of industry linked education model and we are continuously having our eyes on the needs of the industries and introducing education programs to see ourselves worthwhile and true in our aspirations. In the same venture Ganpat University has started offering B. Tech. in Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analysis, and Mobile Applications in collaboration with IBM. Another important collaboration is with Oracle, wherein, for the first time in the history of Oracle the company has entered into an agreement with a University to offer one year program in ERP Systems. In the appreciation of changing education pattern the world-wide the University has become a leader in Gujarat in Integrated Learning Programs offering. We have introduced for the first time 6 year integrated Dual Degree Diploma plus Degree Program in Engineering as well as B. Tech plus M. Tech 5 year integrated Duel Degree Program.

The University has established a new Faculty of Human Potential Development to give our aspiring students an opportunity to prepare themselves with relevant life skills to succeed in career and life. The Faculty has entered into arrangements with Brahmakumari Foundation, Abu Road and Victory Mind, Chennai to offer various short-term and long-term courses in the domain.

As a new academic year unfolds, higher education institutions continue to find themselves in a period of flux and transformation. Rapid Growth in higher education has brought with it challenges of student strength, Varying quality of students and issues of long-term sustenance. Amongst the challenges, lies the opportunity of strengthening the system and processes, re-organizing and to go for resource optimization. This lays the foundation for a strong sustainable future. The authorities of Ganpat University and the all the staff members working in university and constituent colleges are constantly engaged in the development of sustainable student community development which will reward to the nation, region and university by increasing students marketability and successful placement by finding their steps in competitive market.

With respect, admiration and appreciation, I invite all the stakeholders to join in for creating a sustainable future for this great University. Let us work together serve together, and yes, sometimes even sacrifice together, for the flourishing future of this University and higher education. Then, regardless, we win together.

Let’s find positivity and let’s be connected always for education growth.

Prof.(Dr.) Mahendra Sharma

Director General

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