Helpline @ 1800 233 12345

Helpline @ 1800 233 12345

Cultural & Events

The Sports Department of Ganpat University regularly organized youth festival during every academic year.

Youth festival is organized to Promote/motivate the talent of students of Ganpat University through various clubs (i.e. Drama/Music/ etc…)

The department aims at providing students with cultural environment so as to shape their personality and develop their physical, mental, social, aesthetical and spiritual dimensions and cultivate basic human qualities like honesty, integrity, industriousness and tolerance. So that they may prove to be our cultural custodians and make wonderful citizens of our great nation.

Our youth always turns to the sunny side of our youth festivals like marigolds to blossom fully, to grow perfectly and to shine out distinctly. They expand the horizons of their talent, their skills and their expertise through the pilgrimage of youth festival every year. Youth festival for them is a fulfilling, sustaining and developing artistic experience through which they take an arrow-like flight towards their grandest goal and distinct artistic aim. So, they always desire, aspire and avail this excellent opportunity.

That offer them a sound platform to exhibit the endless reservoir of their unexpressed abilities and to showcase the complete menagerie of their unfathomed capabilities and unexplored dreams. Let us wish them an ever-shining future and ceaseless artistic advancement.