Faculty of Sciences (FOS)


Established in the year 2006, Faculty of Science started offering courses like M. Sc. in Biotechnology and Microbiology through Mehsana Urban Institute of Sciences. In a gradual progression, new courses in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry have been added while offering undergraduate (including dual degree) and postgraduate programs.

FOS is well equipped with ultramodern laboratories and with latest equipments to facilitate the students in their learning in practical way. It is also regarded as Multidisciplinary Unique Interactive Learning in Sciences. Research has always been given emphasis at the Faculty of Science as we believe in the development of something new rather than being conventionally theoretical in learning and teaching. Students of FOS strongly believes that they get inspired and motivated to explore latest research and trends in sciences domain by means of allowing them frequently in participating in the events such as conferences, workshops, science fair etc.



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