CALL FOR PAPERS - University Journal of Research (UJR)

University Journal of Research (UJR) 

Online ISSN: 2455-1724

(A bi-annual, peer-reviewed Research Journal of Ganpat University)


Volume-3, Issue-1, January 2018


The “University Journal of Research” is a Bi-Annual, Peer-Reviewed and Multidisciplinary Research Journal for Researchers and serves as a means for scientific information exchange at the International Forum.

 The Journal, particularly welcomes contribution from Research Scholars, Scientists, Faculties, PG Scholars and Industry People from following different areas; 

  • Engineering & Technology, 
  • Management, 
  • Pharmacy, 
  • Computer Applications, 
  • Architecture, 
  • Science, 
  • Social Sciences and Humanities, 
  • Skill Development   

 Editorial Policy:

The journal aims to publish the original research articles which will be sent to the expert reviewers and recommendation will be seek before publishing the articles.

 Guidelines for Authors:

The manuscript should be normally be of maximum 20 pages inclusive of all, typed in double-space, Times New Roman font of 12-point size on A-4 (8.5" X 11") papers with 1.0 inch margin on Top, Right and Bottom side and 1.5 inch margin on Left side. Soft copy of the Manuscript should be submitted initially. The cover page should contain title of the paper, author's name, designation and full contact details. Also submit a non-mathematical abstract of about 150 words along with manuscript. Authors are also requested to provide 3-5 key words defining essential content of the paper. References should be placed at the end of the manuscript.

Manuscripts are accepted round the years.Author(s) are requested to prepare their manuscript as per the attached paper format (paper template) of UJR and submit to

Authors are responsible for making sure that the article is not copied or duplicated or already published, accepted or submitted elsewhere. Author/s should certify on the cover page of the manuscript that the work is original and it is not copyrighted, published, accepted or submitted elsewhere for the publication. Authors are also requested to send the duly signed form of TRANSFER OF RIGHTS FOR PUBLICATION WITH UJR, available on the Ganpat University website. The manuscript should be submitted to:

 Editor-in-Chief –

University Journal of Research,

Ganpat University, Ganpat Vidyanagar- 384012.

North Gujarat, INDIA.